Test your luckwin Immediately bet money and explode the over/under pot

 Explode the over/under pot always appears in the top of the most popular betting games of the year. As a new player, you will definitely wonder what is so interesting about it that attracts so many players. To find the answer to that question, let’s join together Nhacaiuytin Explore the article content below.

Decoding information about exploding the Sic Bo pot

“What is the exploding pot of Sic Bo?” is a question that receives searches online. Exploding the Sic Bo pot is an intersectional game Explode the jar to exchange for prizes (slot game) and Sic Bo. Each game you will receive your own spin along with the option to bet over or under. Possessing a simple way to play and when winning, your account will notify you of receiving a bonus immediately. This is one of the reasons why players love this form of entertainment and choose to play it regularly.

Basic game rules you need to know

Even though Poker has a simple way to play, not everyone clearly understands the rules here.

The gamer’s task is to predict the results of 3 dice shaken in the bowl. If you predict the total score of the dice ranges from 11 to 17, bet “over”. On the contrary, an “under” bet is when thinking the number of points is in the range from 4 to 10. Or not, if the player can predict an exact number then they can choose a specific number from 4 to 17.

Because this is a type of slot game, if the bettor hits 3 special symbols, they will win the Jackpot. After the results are announced, the winner’s name will be announced on the screen. Depending on the odds at the house, there will be a separate reward level for over/under and bursting the pot.

As soon as the reward notification is received, the system will immediately add it to the player’s account.

Decoding symbols in the game interface

Similar to other games, Sic Bo also has some unique symbols to represent its meaning. If you are a new player, you will definitely find these symbols confusing and difficult to distinguish between them. Let the article below help you interpret those symbols.

  • X2 is used when doubling the bet. This means that if the gamer wins, the bonus amount will be added to the wallet and otherwise it will be deducted.
  • X3 has the same meaning as X2, instead of betting and winning 2 times, we will increase the bet by 3 times.
  • Tai is understood as big, the total of 3 dice is arbitrary and ranges from 11 to 17
  • Under is understood as a small number and the total score of the dice is from 4 to 10. For example, if the player predicts that the total score of all 3 is 7, then bet “under”.
  • Set of 3 is used to refer to 3 matching dice. For example, 1-1-1, 2-2-2,…

Understanding the meaning will help us have a good experience when playing, perform quick operations, and choose the correct results.

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From A to Z, steps to take to play betting games

To satisfy the playing needs of bettors, today there are many places that offer Sic Bo games with many different versions. But all will be based on the basic playing steps below.

  • Step 1: Among thousands of bookmakers providing games online, choose a reputable place and access the link to the homepage.
  • Step 2: To be able to play, you must create an account for yourself. Through this account, bettors will deposit money and start playing.
  • Step 3: After creating an account, bet on the “Potter” section and select the game “Over/Under” game. Each bookmaker will set its own minimum bet level, the bettor provides the bet amount and clicks to spin the prize.
  • Step 4: After the spin ends, the screen will display the results. If the symbols combine properly, you will receive a prize, otherwise you will lose.
  • Step 5: If you win the bet, the bonus will be added. At this point, players can withdraw money to their account, convert it to scratch cards or use it as capital to continue the next game of Over/Under.

The secret when playing the Over/Under game, bet quickly and win big

Anyone who plays wants to win big rewards. But very few people can do that. In addition to understanding the rules of the game, gamers also have to learn their own tricks and secrets to increase their chances of winning the over/under jackpot bet.

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Use folding strategies wisely

Folding is a method used by many experts. Start betting with a capital that is not too large. If you lose, your bet will be doubled in the next round. Just keep playing like that, and when you win, you’ll get your bet back. This is a strategy that helps you quickly raise capital if you know how to apply it.

Research the betting odds before starting

It’s not true that the more you bet, the easier it is to win; it’s not the case that if you bet small, it’s easier to lose. Gamers need to research reasonable betting odds before playing. Some common ratios used by people are 1:2 and 1:3. Depending on your budget and playing ability, choose the appropriate number to bet on the over/under pot.

Know the critical point of your capital

Although each bookmaker will set the maximum and minimum bets when participating in the over/under pot, bettors must also set their own limits. This is not only a game for entertainment but also a game that helps us train our brains and calculate carefully so as not to lose money. Allocating capital appropriately will help bettors increase their chances of winning money.

The article has given us an overview of opening the Sic Bo pot. In addition to being a place for entertainment, it is also considered a betting game to help people earn extra income. What are you waiting for, try the game now.

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