What color combinations go well together?

Before you can become a makeup guru, you need to know how different colors work. Knowing this helps you put together a perfectly suitable color palette for yourself or a client. Remember that the colors need to go well with the facial features and also be in alignment with the look you are aiming to achieve.

The color theory helps you understand colors and the best ways in which to use them to create a look that is simply stunning. It also helps you understand which colors complement and which neutralize each other. This keeps you from making a major faux paus with your makeup while helping you create stunning looks with ease.

The Basics

When a ray of light is passed through a prism, you see the seven basic colors. Each and every color in existence falls somewhere within this spectrum of light. In the 20th century, Johannes Itten created the color wheel that showed the primary, secondary and tertiary colors and also introduced color matching.

Different Kinds of Colors

In the color wheel, the three basic colors, red, blue, and yellow are known as the primary colors. They cannot be created from any other colors. Every other color is derived from one or more of these primary colors. The primary color blue is the strongest color and is associated with coolness. Red is warm and adds fullness, Yellow has the least strength and it is both warm and cool.

Using the Color Wheel

The true color of the primary, secondary or tertiary colors you have mixed together is called their hue. These are the most intense and basic colors you can get. By adding black, white or grey to these, you can vary the brightness and density of the palette.

If you need pastel shades or muted colors for your makeup then this is how you get them. Tone: Adding gray to a pure hue gives you a toned color. While you may not use this extensively while applying makeup, it may be required for corrections. Shade: A pure hue plus black gives you shades of the original true color. For example: Adding black to red gives you a deeper, richer red.

Eye Makeup Ideas

Shades that softly contrast with your eye color are great for showing off your eye perfectly. Avoid colors that exactly match your eyes as this will make them unremarkable. At the same time, you may want to avoid sharp contrasts unless you are going for a dramatic, ‘set the stage on fire’ look. Remember that green eye shadow and red lips do make a stunning ‘out there’ fashion statement but not many women can carry it off with confidence

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Skin Tone

What looks great on one woman may look just ordinary on another. One of the reasons for this could be that they have different skin tones. It is very important for you to choose your makeup colors in line with your skin tone for the most stunning effects. The undertones of your skin impact how your makeup colors look when applied to your face. Here is a quick look at the undertones different skin tones may have

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