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Score bet is a type of bet in soccer betting that attracts many players because it not only brings money, it also brings joy and relieves stress. So what is it? What is the experience of playing only to win? Let’s Kèo nhà cái Explore and participate.
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What is Odds?

Score bet is also known as Correct Store. The gameplay is similar to soccer betting, it requires players to predict the exact score within 90 minutes of play. The odds corresponding to each result will be given by the house and if the prediction is correct, you will win and receive the amount corresponding to the bet.

And if the player predicts incorrectly, he will lose the amount he bet before the match starts. Therefore, players need to have some knowledge about football as well as the match because betting randomly will be very difficult to win and will also cost a lot of money.

Types of score bets

Score bets are divided into three types so you can freely choose:

  • 1 x 2 bet is European Handicap: This bet has a very high winning rate but the probability of winning is very low.
  • Handicap is the Asian Handicap: This bet is the most popular, it has 9 bets and the gameplay is very simple.
  • O/U bet is over/under: This bet attracts many participants because it only requires predicting the total number of goals scored in the match.

However, the house will offer diverse and corresponding odds levels. Therefore, depending on each bet, players have different ways to calculate winnings.

How to calculate the exact score bet?

The formula for calculating money if you win a score bet is as easy as its betting method. As follows :

Initial bet x Odds = Winnings

The display of home or away team symbols and odds levels will be provided by the bookmaker. Next is the number of goals for players to choose which door they want to bet on.

Example to understand more about how to calculate money in a bet:

  • Real – Barca face each other and the player predicts the score to be 2 – 0 and the bookmaker’s odds for this score are 9.2.
  • If the player chooses Real and the result is 2 – 0, the winnings he will receive when betting 100 thousand is 100 x 2.2 = 220 thousand both capital and interest.
  • If the player chooses the result 1 – 0 and wins, the odds are 1.5, then he will receive the full amount of 100 x 1.5 = 150 thousand.

If the result is a different score, the player will lose the bet. This bet does not have a draw, so it is necessary to predict the exact score to receive the bonus, not as simple as betting on which team will win.
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Experience in playing score bets to win only

This bet is considered easy but also difficult, simple but no less complicated. Easy for long time players with experience in predicting scores, difficult for new players with no experience.

But whether difficult or easy, this betting sport still attracts a large number of participating and passionate players. If you want to win and receive money from the house, you must invest time, money, and intelligence. Therefore, you should have very effective and accurate strategies. There are a few tips for winning bets that have been compiled by Kèo nhà cái and successfully applied by experts as follows for you to apply:

Choose the correct match

Friendly matches often have many goals and the probability of correct prediction is not high, so players should consult carefully before betting. Important matches such as semi-finals and finals often have tight scores, few goals or draws, and extra time.

  • If two teams are evenly matched, there is usually little difference in goals and can be a draw.
  • If the two teams have a difference in class, you can easily predict a goal difference of 2 to 3 goals.

Search for relevant team news before the match

For example, player A is the main kicker of the team but is injured and cannot play, or player B has previously received a yellow card. This is interesting information for you to refer to and change your prediction about the score of the match.

  • If you are new, you should learn about the team’s tactics, confrontation history, and experience to make the most accurate prediction.
  • Know clearly the information about the team you will bet on.

Catch multiple bets in 1 match

Instead of predicting one score in the match, you should predict a few other scores as a backup if your initial score is not correct. This will greatly increase your winning percentage and will not cause regret when the match results are close.

Choose the right bookmaker

Each house will have a different odds offered by each house, so you should refer to which house offers a high rate and then choose to play the odds.

In general, score betting is an entertaining subject that is easy to play and understand but not easy to win. Hopefully Kèo nhà cái’s article has helped you better understand score betting and playing experience sport to win.

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