4-Player Tien Len Card Game – Easiest to Learn to Play Tien Len

Play cards for 4 people There are two common forms: Moving to the South and Moving to the North. Every form is attractive and chosen by many people. In this article we will guide you to play the most basic 4-player game.

What does it mean to play cards with 4 people?

New88 today For Tien Len card format, the maximum number of players is 4 people per game. This game is the basic type of game and is of most interest to many people today. The rules of the game are easy, anyone can participate easily. This game at bookmakers is the best and most chosen game.

Game Tien Len has two forms to play: Tien Len to the South and Tien Len to the North. These two forms of play are quite similar, but each region will apply its own rules. But if you want to win, you also need to understand the rules of each type of game.

Play cards in the Southern style

As for Tien Len Mien Nam, its rules are quite simple. You can apply the following gameplay to play now New88 win:

Post order

  • The cards in order from low to high are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2.
  • The suit of cards is in order from high to low: Hearts, Diamonds, Diamonds, Spades.
  • The 2 of hearts card is the highest, called the Heart of the Pig. The 3 of Spades is the lowest card in the deck.

Play Go Forward with 4 dealers

  • In the table Play the card Go Forward with 4 people, each person is dealt 13 cards.
  • Players will use those 13 cards to arrange them to form different types of cards to play.

Instructions on how to play cards in the Southern style

Arrange cards

For Southern Tien Len, you can classify according to the following categories:

  • Pair: Means there are two cards of the same number or shape.
  • Three-card hand: That is, there are three cards of the same value.
  • Four of a Kind: Means there are 4 cards of the same value.
  • Lobby: That is, cards are linked together according to value from small to large.
  • Three pairs of communication: Understand that three pairs have interconnected values.
  • Four pairs of information: That means there are four pairs of consecutive values.
  • Five pairs of information: There are five pairs of increasing value.


  • In the first game, whoever has 3 of Spades as the lowest card will play first.
  • In the following games, whoever finishes first will play first.
  • Players can play cards clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The next player must cut the cards in the same form as the previous player. For example, if the first person has a pair, the next person must also have a pair with higher value.
  • If a person does not show a card, it is considered a lost turn and must wait for a new turn to continue playing.

Determine the winner

For Southern Tien Len cards, winning can be determined according to the following cases:

  • Whoever plays all the cards first wins
  • Winning means having a type of card that helps you win immediately without having to play cards.

Play cards for 4 people in Northern style

The form of card playing in the North is similar to the South but there will also be some differences. Here is the basic gameplay:
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General rules

General rules such as card types, card order, and turns will all be the same as Southern card playing style. You can grasp this content like when playing Southern style.

Arrange cards to play Go Forward for 4 people

This is a completely different type of card game from Tien Len Mien Bac. All types of cards must be of the same suit or the same color in terms of card types:

  • Pair: Means two cards have the same color, such as the color of Diamonds and Hearts.
  • Three-card: It is understood as a card with three cards, two of the same color, one of a different color. Also known as odd pair cards, meaning they have an odd color.
  • Straight of the same color: You must arrange cards of the same color and suit together to create a straight. For example, halls 3, 4, and 5 only have Spades.

Instructions on how to play cards in the Northern style

Gambling rules

The rules of playing cards will also be similar to the Southern style, but it will differ in the cutting of cards. With the following playing requirements:

  • The next player must cut the previous player’s cards according to that type of card. For example, the first person plays a red pair, and the next person must also play a red pair. Whatever suit the previous person comes to the hall with, the next person must also enter the hall with that suit.
  • There is another rule Play the card Go Forward with 4 people In the North, the style is cut according to the value of the cards. The order of cards will be Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs > Spades.
  • For four of a kind, you can cut down a pair of Pigs or a Pig tree.
  • In the Northern style, three pairs of pine needles of the same color will not be used.
  • For halls with 5 or more trees of the same quality, the Boar tree is allowed to be cut.


Above is the information Play the card Go Forward with 4 people for both Southern and Northern forms. You can apply when playing at New88 now to get great rewards. Hopefully our guide can help you play Tien Len more easily.

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