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How to Make Profitable Posts?

Since you are a business on Instagram, your main objective is to get more profits in the big picture. Let’s take a look at how your Instagram posts can be used for this purpose.

Firstly, upload pictures of your products in a creative manner but the product should be the highlight and in a high-resolution photo. In the case of a business account, you should give more time and effort to getting the perfect picture that will appeal to the consumers.

How to reach out to more users?

This will make more people follow your Instagram account so that they can keep track of these at any point that you post. This is especially effective if the offers are valid only for users who follow your account. As we mentioned above, contests are a great way to market your brand and get many more followers. Hosting a contest or giveaway can be fun and engaging for your followers. This will bring more traffic to your account and work in your favor for a small price.

Via Facebook

Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page will make a huge difference. Facebook has a larger user interface and will generate more likes for the same post. You can also set up advertisements or campaigns on Facebook that make a certain offer exclusive for those who follow the page on Instagram. This will definitely make more of your Facebook fans or friends flock to your Instagram page. You can constantly show that you are an active entity on Instagram and make people eager enough that they wouldn’t want t miss out on the Instagram front.

Via the Official Website

If you already have an established website, promote your Instagram page on it. This site gets most of your traffic from your active customers. Generate this traffic to your Instagram account by promoting it online. Generate banners on your homepage to link your customers to the Instagram account. Entice them with offers and campaigns

Via Email

Emails are a huge part of most online marketing strategies. Your business probably has an email newsletter that you frequently send out. Add links to your Instagram in these emails. Make your Instagram presence visible via your newsletters. Show the user how Instagram is a prominent part of your business and that could benefit from following you on the service.

Via Contests

Instagram contests have become one of the best ways to generate traffic onto your account. Nearly every single business on the service has utilized this particular method of marketing as they saw positive results for others who tried it. Hold an Instagram exclusive contest to engage your followers and other users by tempting them with a small gift. Everyone loves a free gift whether it’s small or big. Sometimes they don’t even care that it’s something that they wouldn’t normally buy. As long as it’s free, people tend to want it

Via hashtags

Users search for images that they like via hashtags of that particular category. Find out which hashtags are searched for the most on Instagram and use them on your posts. This will make your posts appear on their search results and generate traffic to your page if the post is attractive to the user. Popular hashtags are the most common way to get likes and followers.

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