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What is Pen Stone? ? It is a term that not everyone understands or knows. Pen kick is certainly a familiar concept to football lovers. In the article below, let’s learn about the concept and ways to kick Pen or undefeated Link Jun88 Please.

What is pen stone?

What is pen stone? Penalty kick is also known as Penalty kick or penalty kick. This is a popular form of free kick in the football sports industry. The penalty kick is taken from a position 11 meters away from the penalty team’s goal.

The player will stand at the 11m mark from the right post of the goal and face directly the opposing goalkeeper. The goalkeeper will stand in the middle of the goal and try to prevent the ball from entering the net.

In reality, the Pen kick is very simple and can easily bring goals. Therefore, penalty kicks often play an important role in deciding the outcome of the match, especially in matches without many goals.

Penalty kick situations occur when the referee blows the whistle for a penalty because a defensive player fouls an attacking player or lets the ball touch his hand in the penalty area. This takes place where the foul occurs, not where the ball comes to rest.

Penalty kicks also occur when the final scores of the two teams are tied, often called a penalty shootout. This shooting series will consist of 5 rounds and will stop when one team scores more goals with a distance that the other team cannot overcome.

Summary of good Pen kick forms to bet on?

If you understand the concept What is pen stone? You should know the popular forms of pen kick. Nowadays, there are countless ways to kick, but not every kick will help you win. Therefore, let’s immediately refer to the two ways to kick Jun88 Share later to win.

Regular pen stone

This type of kick is taken from the penalty mark, exactly 11 meters from the goal. All players on the team can take this kick and need to be designated by the referee.

The player kicks the ball after the referee’s whistle and it will be recognized as a goal if the ball rolls over the goal line.

Combination type pen stone

Combine What is pen stone?? Coordinated Penalty Kicks are a strategy that can be used to surprise opponents. In this situation, the first player does not kick directly at the goal but instead gently pushes the ball forward.

The second player can then run in and take the shot in the hope of scoring. Both players must stand 9.15m from the goal for the kick to be valid.

The most accurate pen kick experience

To be able to hit the penalty spot, players need to have their own techniques and experience. So experience What is pen stone? ? Below are some of the most effective pen kick strategies.

Panenka Pen Stone

Panenka style What is pen stone?? Panenka is a unique type of penalty kick in football. This technique has become popular and is practiced by many players around the world.

Known as one of the most difficult skills in football, Panenka requires finesse and dexterity, which not everyone is capable of performing.

To successfully execute a Panenka free kick, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Observe the Goal: Look over the goal to determine the position and space in the net.
  • Choose an Angle and Get Momentum: Choose a suitable angle to take the shot and gain momentum by running in front of the ball, similar to when taking a regular free kick.
  • Choose When the Goalkeeper Catches the Ball: When the goalkeeper catches the ball or jumps, reduce the force on his feet and gently press the ball. At the same time, make sure that the force pushing on the ball is enough so that it flies high and falls into the middle of the goal.
  • Adjust Ball Height and Direction: Make sure the shot creates a high trajectory and exceptional point, making it difficult for the goalkeeper and increasing the chances of scoring.

Choose the correct Pen shot angle?

How to choose a shot angle when kicking a Penalty kick is extremely important. Normally, goalkeepers have the habit of protecting the right corner of the goal, but experienced goalkeepers have the ability to catch many corners.
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The person taking the free kick needs to practice many different shooting angles proficiently. The most effective way to choose a shot angle is to make the goalkeeper misjudge the direction of the ball.

  • The 2 lower corners on both sides of the goal: These are 2 shooting angles that do not require too much strength, just need to deceive the goalkeeper to achieve success.
  • Upper corner in the middle of the goal: This is a difficult angle for the goalkeeper to block, but requires the player to shoot the ball with strong foot force.
  • Bottom corner in the middle of the goal: This is an effective shooting angle only when the player has high technique and is able to deceive the goalkeeper, often combined with the “panenka” method.
  • The top 2 corners on the left or right: Called the “dead corner” or “A” corner. When shooting in either of these positions, the goalkeeper will have difficulty making a save, even if they determine the correct direction of the ball.

Keep calm when performing the pen kick

Psychology is also considered a major factor affecting the success of a penalty kick. People who maintain a strong mentality are often more likely to successfully take penalty kicks.

The above article has Jun88 help you understand more about What is pen stone? and top pen kick tactics. Apply these techniques to increase your chances of scoring and help your team achieve success.

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