The Moving Head Beam Light From The Light Sky Becomes The Highlight

The stage lighting equipment of Light Sky has always been the focus of public attention. High quality lighting equipment is destined to present a wonderful scene wherever it is used. The audience was deeply impressed by the appearance of Light Sky on GET Show.

As one of the most famous stage lighting suppliers in China, Light Sky is always committed to doing its best in every exhibition it attends. GET Show is no exception. This article discusses everything about GET Show and how Light Sky has done amazing work with its moving head beam light.

The light sky creates a wonderful atmosphere

Light Sky participated in the exhibition with two popular mobile headlights: IP 2021 outline and IP 4000 laser.

When demonstrating these moving headlights, Light Sky lights them up in the exhibition. The lighting performance is extremely excellent, creating a beautiful and charming atmosphere in the exhibition. People raised their heads and embraced the impressive performance created by the moving headlights. Each famous entity has added impressive outputs.

Two event headlights on display at the exhibition


It is a high brightness, IP66 1200W LED moving head spotlight and contour light. Its LED module source color is white and has five color wheels, which can output various beautiful colors. Because of its impressive life span, it can last for a long time. In addition, it has stable environmental protection characteristics and will not have any negative impact on the environment.


Aqua Laser is an IP66 waterproof mobile head laser beam light. It is very suitable for use in any hot outdoor conditions; Stadium, live show, roof, theater – it can be used anywhere.

Key points

Light Sky is a well-known stage lighting equipment manufacturer and supplier. Our factory and R&D center covers an area of more than 15 square kilometers. The factory produces high quality and reliable products, which are widely popular in China. In addition, the R&D team has been working hard to improve existing products and create new market leading products.

Last but not least, Light Sky’s services are tailored to customers’ needs; Our team will try their best to develop solutions tailored to customers.

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