What Can A Mobile Computer Do For Your Business?

With the continued development of mobile computers, it is no surprise that they are also evolving in the business world. How they are used has become more diverse, and their capabilities have increased dramatically. In this article, I will introduce UROVO‘s mobile computer and discuss why it can be a great decision to invest in an enterprise mobile computer for the company.


A mobile computer can do much for your company in today’s business world. It can help you stay connected to your employees. In smart retail stores, whether receiving goods, putting them on and off the shelves, shopping guides, or adjusting goods or inventory, Uboxun uses a series of smart terminals to help store operations achieve full-scene digitalization.

What is an Enterprise Mobile Computer?

An enterprise mobile computer is a device designed for use in a business setting. It can be applied to retail, logistics, medical, and manufacturing. It is usually a handheld device outfitted with special features and applications to help users perform their work tasks more efficiently. UROVO’s Enterprise mobile computers have an eight-core high-performance processor, which improves computing performance by 40%.

Benefits of an Enterprise Mobile Computer

An enterprise mobile computer can do a lot for your business. Here are some of the benefits of an enterprise mobile computer:

A professional code scanning module is one of the standout characteristics of the DT50 portable computer. It can scan common one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, defaced codes, outdated codes, and other odd codes. Given the volume and variety of products, this aspect is particularly crucial. The Urovo DT50 boosts the effectiveness of supermarket inventory procedures by providing precise readings in milliseconds.

The “lifetime” of the equipment is another benefit that workers should pay close attention to. The strongest protection is provided by UROVO products, which have industrial-grade hardware and Corning glass that is IP67 sealed. For instance, our DT50 handheld is resistant to water and dust and can withstand drops from 1.5 meters without suffering any harm. Additionally, 2 hours of continuous code scanning are supported by low power consumption and long battery life. The operator can then use the handheld terminal till the end of their shift.

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