The Importance of Pharmapack’s Bottle Unscrambler

The pharmaceutical sector uses more automated equipment with the rising usage of automated production and high-speed sorting. However, this resulted in bottle grabbing, the issue of bottles shifting from their original places. This may be a significant issue for firms attempting to retain their brand image and patients who may get confused about the medications they are taking.

What Is a Bottle Unscrambler?

A bottle unscrambler is a machine used to feed bottles onto production lines in the bottling industries. Many designs are available, but their purpose is the same, feed bottles automatically at high speeds eliminating the expensive, inefficient manual labor of this process.

Bottle unscramblers receive the bottles in random positions since containers are thrown randomly into a large hopper that can hold thousands of bottles. Then those bottles are handled in different ways from the hopper to other parts of the machines, so they are sorted until you get a standing bottle directly in your conveyor going to a bottle filler then to a capping machine, labeler and the rest of the filling line

Why Do Pharmaceutical Firms Need Bottle Unscramblers?

The use of bottle scramblers helps pharmaceutical businesses accelerate the production of new medications. This is significant because it enables them to test many formulas and select the most effective one rapidly. In addition, bottle mixers may help businesses save money by handling a wide range of containers with very few change parts.

The advantages of bottle unscrambler for pharmaceutical businesses include the following:

Reduce labor expenses.

Improve productivity.

More consistent product quality.


There are many designs in the packaging machinery industry that can accomplish the desired bottle feeding into packaging machines.  Pharmapack chose this design because it provides flexibility to handle a wide range of containers with very few change parts. Designing an automatic bottle unscrambler as efficiently as this one makes it less expensive, making it more accessible to our customers.

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