Heat Pump Pool Heaters: The Finishing Touch To Your Swimming Pool Or Spa

It has long been a tradition of homeowners to rely on the power of the sun to heat their swimming pool or spa, but there are some serious limitations to that. For example, you will have limited access during the winter months, and even in the summer, too much shade can keep your water cool. In order to overcome these obstacles and add a finishing touch to your swimming pool or spa this article outlines three options for heat pump pool heaters that you can use.

How do heat pumps work as pool heaters?

Using only a small amount of energy, a heat pump is a device that moves heat from one location to another. Heat is added to the water in the pool by a heat pump pool heater. Considering that all they do is move heat that is already there from one place to another, they use less electricity.

What is the process?

Heat pump pool heaters function by drawing warm outdoor air across an evaporator section with the help of a fan. The refrigerant moving inside the evaporator coil absorbs heat from the air passing over it.


The words “pool” and “world” relate to our starting point and final destination, respectively.  POOLWORLD is committed to the air source heat pump sector and has a global perspective as well as an eye toward the future. In addition to doing everything we can to save energy and reduce emissions, we are committed to bringing comfort to countless families all over the world. Call Poolworld if you’re interested in learning more about our heat pump pool heater.

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