Features of popular brands of Chrome trucks 2022

Trucks for the most part are quite expensive vehicles. Taking into account the need to obtain a certain profit, various companies are trying to find the most optimal options for their cost. Among those that are popular in the domestic space, it is possible to single out chrome mack trucks – cars that are distinguished by the most favorable price-quality ratio. For the vast majority of people, wheel covers are associated with tuning – few people delve into the functions of this structural element, believing that it is used exclusively for decorative purposes. All the more surprising is the question of whether caps are needed on the wheels of a truck because such vehicles are designed to cope with high loads, they are often operated in difficult conditions, so they do not need special aesthetics.

Advantages of Chrome trucks

Due to the good demand for Chinese dump trucks, the production of such vehicles is rapidly increasing at a rapid pace every year. Several very important factors affect the rate of sales, among which experts distinguish:

low price, which distinguishes the Chinese truck;

delivery lines are short;

good technical characteristics;

the use of some units and spare parts of famous world brands;

quality assurance with relevant certificates and documents.

Along with the positive qualities, Chinese dump trucks have some disadvantages that should be considered before buying these machines:

Best Chinese Trucks Companies:


Chinese dump trucks of the Howo brand are trucks that are characterized by a balance of all technical characteristics. Crash tests showed very good indicators of reliability and quality of these machines.

The suspension of Howo equipment showed good results in damping vibrations created by uneven road surfaces, which is quite important for many CIS countries. The steering of the car is unremarkable – the steering wheel has standard tilt levels.

dong feng

The Chinese dump truck of the DongFeng brand has some differences from other Asian cars due to the fact that the history of its manufacturer takes more than half a century. The company also cooperates with American firms, with which it has a joint design office.

A notable feature that Dongfeng cargo vans have is that they have a tow hitch as standard. The fuel system of the power units of these cars belongs to the Bosch brand. As for the turbocharger and filters, they are manufactured directly by the DongFeng factory. These cars are equipped with a nine-speed gearbox, and spare parts for which are not very difficult to find in Russia or order from abroad.


China produces trucks quite diverse, both in terms of their technical characteristics and in appearance. This is due to the rather long history of automobile production in this country. FAW was at the forefront of this business, setting up its first factory in 1953. The reliability of cars of this brand has been confirmed for decades.

Mac chrome trucks are fairly high-quality and cheap trucks that, with proper care, can serve for a long time. Therefore, when choosing vehicles for the transport of goods, having a limited amount of financial resources, you should not immediately dismiss the option of buying from China.

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