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Automobile System Configuration

The basic propulsion motor and the battery pack were proven modules from a series of vehicles with motor propulsion and energy stored in a battery. The two-stroke engine was developed for a...

Learn Hybrid Vehicles with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

The involvement of engines and motors for propulsion has been tested in numerous configurations. The common classifications of such hybrid configurations are made on the basis of the relative or absolute electric...

Combinations of Propulsion Systems, Energy Sources, Energy Converters, and Storage

Configuration of the Propulsion System The assessment of propulsion systems for automobiles in terms of energy demand and energy source, as well as in relation to ecological, technical, and economic criteria, leads to...

What’s So Special about Auto Repair For Dummies

Designed for people who think that anything technical will make their brains shut like garage doors, who sincerely care about how their vehicles affect the environment, and although they believe they can’t...

How I became Intimately Involved with My Car, and Why You Should

Before I moved to California, I was an ordinary urban cliff dweller: I had only a nodding acquaintance with cars. Ours was locked up in a garage, and I used subways, buses,...

Some important things everyone should know about their car

Basically, everything you need to know to understand, care for, maintain, and troubleshoot your vehicle, or choose a new, more efficient, and safer one. You’ll be relieved to know that I explain...
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