Baccarat Kim Tai – Discover How to Play All-Win Cards

Baccarat Kim Tai worthy of being the top game in the live casino lobby. If you visit reputable bookmakers and skip Baccarat, it is truly a huge mistake. If you don’t know about this new and exciting betting game, please follow along New88HG Find out in full in the article below.

What is Baccarat Kim Tai?

It can be seen that Baccarat is the top 1 card game at any entertainment playground. At New888, we quickly equipped this interesting title for you guys to enjoy. This attractive game is built from the mechanism of comparing scores in the game to decide victory or defeat.

In addition to the name Baccarat, players can also call it by another familiar name, table game. When participating in a card game Baccarat Kim Tai, bettors will choose to place different bets: Banker, Player or Tie. Players will place bets with arbitrary amounts of money before the game officially starts.

Through the instructions of the game leader, the cards will be dealt to each hand. The side’s score closest to 9 points will be the side that wins the game.

Instructions on how to play Baccarat Kim Tai from New888

Playing Baccarat is not difficult at all if all gamers firmly grasp the following information:

Baccarat game rules

First of all, we see that the rules of Baccarat are super simple and easy to understand. Any brother can conquer immediately if he firmly grasps the detailed betting rules.

The main task of gamers in the card game Baccarat Kim Tai is to predict and bet on the numbers provided by New888. In particular, there will be 3 different betting options offered by the house, please consider carefully to bet on Player and Banker; Tie, P.Pair or B.Pair. In particular, specific provisions are made according to the following cases:

  • In case of Player/Banker hand, if the score is higher than the remaining hands => That hand wins.
  • In case the Banker = Player => Tie accumulation means the win is a draw.
  • In case the first card of the Player/ Banker hand is a pair, it will win the P.Pair/ B.Pair hand.

Calculate Baccarat Kim Tai score

The scoring method of this game is strictly regulated as follows:

  • Card A is Ace: Determined as 1 point
  • Cards in the J, Q and K series: Set to 10 points
  • Cards from 2 – 9: Score is determined by the number displayed on that card

The score of the game is the sum of the cards that the player is dealt. If there is a case where the score is greater than 10 points, that is, the score has 2 digits, then remove the tens to get the units score. Suppose the total score is 27, then you will be given a final score of 7 points.

Rule of drawing more cards

Depending on the different score levels, the player or the dealer will be allowed to draw more cards or stop drawing cards. Among them, you need to pay attention to the following cases:

Player Live Casino A third Baccarat card will be drawn when:

  • Total points range from 0 – 5 points => Additional draw
  • Total score of 2 cards is 6 – 7 points => Stop drawing
  • Total score is 8 – 9 points => Natural win

The dealer will draw a third card when:

  • total score Baccarat Kim Tai The dealer’s possession when the first 2 cards are dealt is 0 – 2 points
  • 3 points and the player’s extra card is not an 8
  • 4 points and the player’s extra drawn card are not 0, 1 or 8, 9 cards
  • 5 points and the player’s extra card is not a 4 or 7
  • 6 points and the player’s extra card is not a 6 or 7
  • The total of 2 cards is 7 points => The dealer stops drawing more
  • The total score of the initial 2 cards dealt is 8 – 9 points => No more draws

Tips for playing Baccarat Kim Tai to win big

If you want to easily win when playing Baccarat at the New888 game portal, you can immediately note the good tips below.
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  • Note carefully, you should not bet on a draw because the chance of winning is not high. Although this is a door with an extremely high winning rate, because of that, the associated risk is extremely large.
  • Gradually increase your bet level to easily get more bonuses. Especially, when you have accumulated enough experience and betting skills, this is a good opportunity to win huge rewards.
  • Applying a flexible flat-ball strategy is an extremely effective way to play Baccarat. If you see 2 – 3 hands and the result is only one bet, then in the 4th game you just need to bet on it.

Know where is the appropriate stopping point for yourself in the Baccarat game. If you lose many games in a row, try stopping, relaxing and calming down your emotions. Trying too hard only makes gamers easily distracted and lose more money.


Thus, New888 has provided all players with the most complete information about Baccarat Kim Tai. The playground hopes that the few things shared fully summarize what you need to know to have satisfying card games. Register as a member at New888 Join the exciting prize hunt now!

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