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YES TECH MG7S Cube Series: Revolutionizing Visuals for Outdoor Big Screen and Advertising Displays

Experience a paradigm shift in visual innovation with the YES TECH MG7S Cube Series. Boasting a unique 45° corner screen design and seamless integration with the MG conventional & creative-extended series, this revolutionary display series redefines pixel perfection. With pixel pitches of 3.9/5.9 mm and a compact cabinet size of 50050073mm, the MG7S Cube Series offers unparalleled versatility for both outdoor big screen rental and outdoor advertising LED screen.

Key Features

The MG7S Cube Series stands out for its unprecedented creativity, introducing a distinctive 45° corner screen that enhances visual aesthetics. With pixel pitches of 3.9/5.9 mm, every detail is crisp and clear, making it perfect for diverse applications, including outdoor big screen rental. The series seamlessly integrates with MG conventional & creative-extended series, allowing for dynamic content presentations. The compact cabinet size of 500*500*73mm adds to the sleek and modern appearance, offering flexibility in installation.

Versatile Environments

Thriving in both indoor and outdoor settings, the MG7S Cube Series is designed to adapt to various environments, making it an ideal choice for outdoor big screen rental and outdoor advertising LED screen. Whether it’s an indoor exhibition or a resilient outdoor advertising display, this series excels, maintaining its visual brilliance in any operating environment.


In conclusion, the YES TECH MG7S Cube Series sets a new standard for creativity and performance in LED displays, particularly for outdoor big screen rental and advertising LED screen. With its innovative design, pixel perfection, and adaptability to diverse environments, this series is a testament to YES TECH’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual excellence.

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