Why Should You Consider Using LED Lights for Hens

Installing LED lighting for your poultry is vital. In this blog, we’ll look at the factors to take into account while purchasing LED lights for laying hens, as well as why you should use them.

Considerations while purchasing LED lights for hens

First, choose the type of lighting you want. Warm white, cool white, and blue/violet LED lights are the three main categories. Warm-white LEDs emit a gentler light that is beneficial for hens who are just starting to lay eggs. For late-stage or egg-laying hens, cool-white LEDs offer a lighter, whiter light that is superior.

Next, consider how many lights you need. You’ll need at least one for each hen and typically another two or three in case one breaks or fails. Purchase enough extension cords to reach every lamp without moving any of them.

Third, think about how strong the lighting should be. The brightness of most LED lights can be adjusted, allowing you to choose the ideal level for your hens. However, be careful not to overlight them as this might result in stress and even bulb burnout.

Why should you consider using LEDs?

You should utilize LEDs in your laying hens for a variety of reasons. Energy-efficient LED lights can last for several hours without batteries or cables. A constant light that is safe for your hens and does not contribute to “light pollution” is also produced by them.

Cool white light, which LEDs emit, is ideal for laying hens. To keep your chickens healthy, cool white LEDs emit less blue light than warm white LEDs. Furthermore, unlike warm white LEDs, cold white LEDs do not harm eggs or feathers. Last but not least, LED lights cost less and last longer than incandescent or halogen lights.


Nothing is more crucial than having the proper illumination when it comes to keeping your laying hens safe and secure. Because Hontech Wins LED lights are inexpensive and offer a long bulb life, many consumers chose to use them in their poultry pens.

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