How Does Your Lifestyle Influence Your Fashion Choices?

Lifestyle plays a big role in every aspect of our lives. What we eat, how we speak, and the things we wear are a product of the kind of life we live. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, your fashion consciousness is only a projection of choices based on your present viewpoint of life.

Several factors can affect fashion choices such as earning power, individual interest, and work profession. From the standpoint of interest, every individual’s personality is seen in his or her fashionable outfits.

An artistic individual by natural intuition would be drawn to bright colors and flashy jewelry like fancy rings and chandelier diamond earrings, outfits that render the artistic vibe. For another, the display of professionalism would see the person go for more corporate outfits, a selection of stud earrings and tennis bracelets, or less casual wear.

Statistics show that fashion impacts every area of our lives, regardless of age and geography. But, our lifestyles determine the flow of what we accept as fashionable choices for ourselves.

How can lifestyle be an indicator of the present fashion choices you lead? Keep reading as we find out in depth.

Factors that Influence Your Fashion Choices

Self-expression is at the crux of every modern society. Even as we wear our freedom and autonomy on our sleeves, some factors influence our choices. Some of which are;

1. The Occasion

Indeed, there is an adage – ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. If you happen to stumble on an event where a lady is decked in diamond jewelry, it’s most likely a royal court or wedding event. Our fashion choices are influenced by different occasions. A female who is naturally reserved might suddenly turn up very flashy when the occasion demands.

A one-time event might not necessarily tell the genesis of a person’s lifestyle. But, it plays a role in influencing fashion choices. Even the least impressive of men leading up to the big engagement day would like to impress by scouring several jewelry stores for the best engagement rings in town. Flashy diamond jewelry can help instill an eternal memory.

The occasions we attend in our lives can impact fashion consciousness, regardless of personal preference. It is always in the moment.

2. Income Earned

Income earned can disrupt fashion choices. With a big income, you’re likely to turn on the style with premium or luxury outfits and a branded diamond cut. If you’re only a modest income earner, you are likely to move around with fast fashion and less shiny metals.

Our present level of income informs our fashion choices and what we can afford to wear in no small measure. Our best reflection might not be seen if the income that can sponsor it is not in place.

Naturally, individuals belonging to the low-income group will give priority to durable outfits over luxurious ones. But, as time passes and income increases, the same individual might switch preference to high taste materials based on the lifestyle his new income script affords him/her.

3. Your Personality

Personality plays a dominant feature in your choice of fashionable outfits. Although it cannot be generalized, an individual’s personality gives a customized taste and adds variety to society at large.

An introverted person may tend toward wearing laid-back clothes. Anything that screams loud is a no-no. Therefore, you’ll have a modest taste, less expensive outfits, and probably no shiny metals (perhaps one or two small earrings).

With an extroverted personality, the reverse might be the case. It is a good idea to have this variety. It might be boring if we all had the same taste. You can easily find extroverts on-screen, blazing the fashion trends with lab-grown diamonds decked on wrists and outfits to match.

Sometimes, the personality is shaped by the immediate environment and other factors. Either way, it’d impact your choice of fashion.

4. The Profession

An individual’s profession has an impact on their fashion choices. If you work in a formal environment where you attend a lot of professional outings, your wardrobe is most likely going to be filled with corporate wear.

Over time, your job description can dictate what your fashion preferences will be. In other terms, fashion consciousness can evolve after years of doing the same thing. I know some individuals who are not comfortable in casual outfits even when it is a casual event. The feeling of being dressed in corporate or semi-corporate attire makes them feel smart and in charge of their bodies.

Likewise, if you work a brown-collar job, or you’re artistically inclined in nature, you’d most likely be wearing casuals more often than not. A lot of creatives often turn up in ragged jeans and t-shirts, something some tag crazy. It is their job description showing up in their fashion outfits.

5. Climate and Weather

Seasons can tell on our fashion choices. While climate is the average state of geography over some time, weather refers to the average atmospheric changes which could be hourly or daily. Regardless of lifestyle, the seasons in geography can alter your fashion sense periodically.

Winter is coming — a popular phrase among Europeans, who always see a change in fashion choices around that time of the year. Synthetic fabrics and colors are more suited to the biting cold as they are bad conductors of heat.

If you are new to European weather and you prefer to be in short sleeves all the time, in winter, you’d have to adapt your lifestyle preference towards the changing weather patterns. In summer, you can get back to short sleeves.

6. Religion and Culture

Religion and culture are two factors that have shaped man’s primordial consciousness across many civilizations. These factors have affected man’s perception of life, influencing individual lifestyles and the orientation in fashion choices.

Indians feel very comfortable in their Saris. The Chinese adorn the Hanfu, and the Japanese display their Kimono with pride. In times past, these religious and cultural outfits were used to display caste, occupation, and status in society. Even to this day, traditional outfits can be used to display lifestyle preferences.

Royalty from previous dispensations would usually display large diamond engravings as a sign of royalty. It is still commonplace today to find cultures displaying the lifestyle of royalty with several diamond jewelry adornments.


Our fashion choices are heavily influenced by the lifestyle we lead. A change in your lifestyle can improve or downgrade your taste for certain kinds of fashion. Your personality, income, and culture also play a role in your fashion choices.

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