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Techking: Revolutionizing Heavy Truck Tires for Performance and Durability

Having dependable and long-lasting tyres on heavy-duty trucks is crucial for both safety and best performance. With its cutting-edge features and sophisticated design, heavy truck tires are being changed by Techking, a well-known brand in the tyre sector. They have introduced the PROADT tire, specifically designed for Articulated Dump Trucks. This kind of heavy truck tire sets a new standard in the industry for Articulated Dump Trucks tires.

Advanced Tire Design for Longer Service Life

Techking understands the demanding nature of heavy truck applications and has developed an advanced tire design that ensures a longer service life. The big block design of the PROADT tire allows for a bigger contact area from top to bottom, even after wearing. This design feature maximizes traction and stability, providing superior performance on various terrains. Additionally, the arc groove design prevents groove cracks, further enhancing the tire’s lifespan and durability.

Sidewall Protection Innovation

Techking goes the extra mile to protect the sidewalls of its heavy truck tires. The company has developed an innovative solution called the Anti-crack Sidewall Compound. This compound is specifically formulated to provide higher aging resistance performance, reducing the occurrence of sidewall cracks.  By incorporating this innovative technology, The PROADT heavy truck tire from Techking offers enhanced durability and reliability, even in challenging operating conditions.

Performance Guarantee

When you choose Techking heavy truck tires, you can have full confidence in their performance. Techking is committed to delivering tires that meet the highest quality standards and outperform competitors. Techking stands behind the performance and quality of the PROADT heavy truck tire. They offer a performance guarantee, ensuring that the heavy truck tire delivers exceptional results and meets the specific requirements of truck operations.


Techking is at the forefront of revolutionizing heavy truck tires, offering advanced tire design for longer service life and innovative sidewall protection. With their commitment to performance and durability, Techking provide heavy-duty truck operators with the reliability and confidence they need on the road. When choosing heavy truck tires, trust in Techking’s expertise and experience. Experience the difference that Techking brings to heavy truck tire performance and durability.

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