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Streamlining Smart Applications with Benewake’s TFmini-S Lidar Range Finder

Benewake‘s TFmini-S redefines what compact lidar range finders can achieve in smart technology applications. Building on the solid foundation of the benewake tfmini lidar, the TFmini-S offers enhanced performance within an incredibly small form factor. Its low cost, reduced power consumption, and versatile interfaces make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from industrial monitoring to consumer electronics, where space and efficiency are paramount.

Compact Design with Enhanced Capabilities

Despite its mini size, the TFmini-S is packed with robust capabilities. Measuring just 42mm x 15mm x 16mm and weighing a mere 5g, this lidar range finder is perfect for integration into applications where space is at a premium. Its small volume is complemented by a reduced blind zone of only 10cm and immunity to ambient light, making it highly effective in varied lighting conditions and confined spaces.

Optimized for Low Power Consumption

The TFmini-S sets a new standard for efficiency with its low power consumption mode, where the power usage can drop below 100mW. This feature is particularly beneficial for battery-powered applications, significantly reducing system power demands and thereby extending the operational life of both the lidar and the device it’s integrated into. With a frame rate of up to 1000Hz, the TFmini-S does not sacrifice performance for power efficiency, ensuring rapid and reliable data collection.

Flexible Interface Options

Adapting to customer needs is a hallmark of the TFmini-S. It offers multiple communication interfaces, including UART, IIC, and IO, allowing for easy integration into existing systems without the need for extensive modifications. This flexibility makes the TFmini-S not only a powerful tool for distance measurement but also a versatile component in developing intelligent applications across various sectors.


The Benewake TFmini-S lidar range finder is more than just a measurement tool; it is a gateway to enhancing smart application development across industries. Its combination of miniaturization, high performance, and adaptability offers unprecedented opportunities for developers looking to innovate and improve their products. As technology continues to evolve, the TFmini-S represents a significant step forward in making advanced lidar technology accessible and practical for a broader range of applications.

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