Mudbox Listing Carnival By KuCoin


Crypto trades are where dealers can purchase, sell, and convert different digital currencies. They are essential for digital currencies to be exchanged at today’s scale. To observe MOBOX (MBOX) being recorded on KuCoin, we will send off a mission to offer an award pool of 80,000 MBOX (roughly $88,000) to qualified KuCoin clients. KuCoin is one of the Top cryptocurrency trades, with more than 10 million enrolled clients worldwide. They exchange with 600+ coins like Bitcoin (BTC price), Ethereum (ETH price ), new crypto, and even image coins here! They give proficient, secure, and easy-to-use administrations with the most reduced expenses.


There are four activities which are as follows:

Activity 1

Learn and Earn, Try To Be a MOBOX Specialist, and Share 15,000 MBOX!

Figure out how MOBOX functions and attempt to track down the solutions for the test with the MOBOX HANDBOOK. Clients who complete the accompanying necessities will be considered qualified clients to win a portion of 15,000 MBOX (roughly $16,500):

  1. Fill in the structure with every one of the correct responses and have a substantial KuCoin account;
  2. Follow Mobox on Twitter.

Everything qualified clients can partake in the accompanying three award pools:

Pool 1

The initial 500 qualified clients will similarly share 5,000 MBOX. Every client will get 10 MBOX!

Pool 2

Other qualified clients, other than the victors of Pool 1 will similarly share 5,000 MBOX!

Pool 3

All the certified clients who have an exchanging measure of 20 MBOX or more will similarly share 5,000 MBOX!

Activity 2

Win a Share of 10,000 MBOX with net deposit competition

Clients who have a net store sum (stores – withdrawals) of something like 80 MBOX will share 10,000 MBOX (roughly $11,000) about their all-out net store sum during the mission time frame.

Activity 3

Win a Share of 30,000 MBOX with trading competition

Clients who have an exchanging sum (purchases + sells) of something like 300 MBOX on KuCoin will win a portion of 30,000 MBOX (roughly $33,000)!

Activity 4

Win a Share of 25,000 MBOX with net buying competition

Clients who have a net purchasing sum (purchases – sells – withdrawals) of 150 MBOX on KuCoin will win a portion of 25,000 MBOX (roughly $27,500)!


There are as well as some notes too.

  1. Net store sum = stores – withdrawals;
  2. Exchanging sum = purchases + sells;
  3. Net purchasing sum = purchases – sells – withdrawals;
  4. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the MOBOX activity.
  5. The leading 30 victors of Activity 3 won’t be qualified to get the Activity 4 prizes;
  6. Prizes will be disseminated within 7 working days of the mission finishing;
  7. This movement isn’t connected with Apple Inc;
  8. KuCoin will refresh the main 10 rankings of Activity 3 and Activity 4 preceding 13:00 on May 24, 2022 (UTC). The last rankings will be restored within 5 working days of the mission finishing.

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