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Governance at Antai College of Economics and Management: Empowering Future Business Leaders in China 

Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM) stands tall as a leading institution in China’s academic landscape, renowned for its commitment to excellence in business education. With a visionary executive team, a dedicated academic assembly, and the guidance of an esteemed international advisory board, ACEM has established itself as a top business school in China. In this article, we explore the governance structure of ACEM and delve into how it attracts aspiring foreign students seeking a world-class education.

The Governance Team of ACEM

What underpins ACEM’s success is its dynamic executive team led by Dean Chen Fangruo, a distinguished scholar in Operations management and supply chain management. With extensive experience and a prolific publication record, Dean Chen provides strategic direction and oversees all aspects of the college’s affairs. Supported by the Secretary of the College CPC Committee, Jiang Wenning, ACEM’s executive team ensures efficient administration and fosters an environment conducive to academic excellence.

ACEM’s governance is further strengthened by its International Advisory Board, consisting of prestigious social activists, deans of international business schools, and renowned business leaders. This illustrious board, including Eric Cornuel, President of EFMD Global Network, and Fiona Devine, Dean of Alliance Manchester Business School, brings global expertise and insight to guide ACEM’s long-term strategic planning. Their valuable advice contributes to the college’s continuous growth and development as a premier institution of business education.


Antai College of Economics & Management exemplifies excellence in governance within China’s educational realm. By choosing ACEM, you embark on a transformative journey that combines academic rigor, practical experience, and a global perspective, propelling you towards success as future leaders in the dynamic field of business.

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