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Epidemic Response Enhanced: Tianlong’s Viral DNA RNA Extraction Kit at the Forefront

Tianlong, a leader in molecular diagnostics since 1997, continues to influence global health technology with its viral DNA RNA extraction kit. This product is designed for quick and efficient extraction of viral RNA and DNA from various samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine, which is pivotal for disease diagnostics and research. Tianlong’s kit, which supports high-throughput sample processing, is essential in enhancing epidemic response capabilities by providing rapid and reliable results.

Key Features of Tianlong’s Extraction Kit

The viral DNA RNA extraction kit from Tianlong offers unparalleled flexibility and sensitivity, crucial for diverse diagnostic scenarios. With options tailored for different sample types and sizes, the kit ensures that all testing needs are met with precision. Its pre-filled design simplifies the operational process, making it user-friendly and reducing the potential for errors. These features collectively enhance the kit’s utility in clinical and research settings, ensuring high-quality nucleic acid extraction for accurate diagnostics.

Global Impact and Certification

Tianlong’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated by the global recognition and certifications its products, including the viral DNA RNA extraction kit, have received. With over 200 international certifications, Tianlong’s technologies are trusted in more than 100 countries. This extensive approval underscores the kit’s role in improving health outcomes during public health crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, by enabling swift and effective disease detection and monitoring.


Tianlong’s viral DNA RNA extraction kit exemplifies the company’s dedication to developing products that meet the highest standards of safety, convenience, and efficiency. As Tianlong continues to expand its influence and capabilities, its commitment to supporting global health with innovative diagnostic solutions remains steadfast. Through continuous innovation, Tianlong is helping to shape the future of healthcare and epidemic prevention.

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