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Empower Remote Locations with FRECON’s SP520 Off-Grid Solar Inverter

FRECON, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, proudly presents the SP520 Off-Grid Solar Inverter. This advanced solar inverter redefines off-grid power solutions with its versatile features and robust design. Designed for remote locations where traditional electricity grids are inaccessible, the SP520 Off-Grid Solar Inverter offers a reliable and efficient source of electricity, making it an indispensable asset for off-grid areas. Let’s explore how FRECON’s SP520 is shaping the future of off-grid energy.

Seamless Power Generation with Pure Sine Wave Output

The heart of the SP520 Off-Grid Solar Inverter lies in its pure sine wave output, ensuring a clean and stable power supply. This feature is essential for powering sensitive electronic devices and appliances in remote locations, providing users with the same quality of electricity as traditional grids. With configurable output source priority, users can customize the power distribution based on their specific needs, whether it’s solar, AC, or another source.

Versatile and Intelligent Energy Management

FRECON’s SP520 Inverter boasts a range of intelligent features that make it an ideal choice for off-grid applications. The configurable AC/Solar charger priority allows users to optimize the utilization of available resources. The built-in 120-450V MPPT solar charger controller efficiently captures solar energy, enhancing the system’s overall performance. Notably, the inverter supports no battery operation function, maximizing energy utilization and minimizing waste.

Uncompromised Reliability and Control

Safety and reliability are paramount, and the SP520 Inverter doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with comprehensive protection mechanisms such as short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, and overload protection, it ensures the longevity of connected equipment and the system itself. Adding to its appeal, the inverter comes with a standard built-in WiFi module, enabling users to monitor and control the device remotely via a mobile app. This level of control empowers users to manage their energy usage effectively.


FRECON’s SP520 Off-Grid Solar Inverter transcends the limitations of traditional power grids, providing a robust and sustainable energy solution for remote locations. With its pure sine wave output, versatile energy management capabilities, and emphasis on safety and control, the SP520 offers a pathway to reliable electricity in off-grid areas. Whether it’s supporting desert management, farm irrigation, or providing drinking water away from the main power grid, FRECON’s SP520 is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Embrace the power of FRECON’s SP520 and usher in a new era of off-grid energy independence.

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