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Elevating Your Business with Shuya’s Customizable Solutions as a Bulk Sanitary Pads Supplier

In the realm of feminine hygiene, businesses seek reliability, quality, and customization. Shuya emerges as a trusted partner, offering tailored OEM/ODM and wholesale solutions for businesses worldwide. With a commitment to excellence, Shuya stands out as a leading bulk sanitary pads supplier and sanitary pads wholesale supplier, providing superior quality products that prioritize comfort and customization.

Customizable Solutions for Your Brand

Understanding the importance of brand identity and customer preferences, Shuya’s customizable OEM/ODM solutions empower businesses to create private label sanitary pads tailored to their unique specifications. From packaging to materials, sizes, and designs, Shuya ensures that your brand’s identity shines through, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Unmatched Manufacturing Capacity

As the largest bulk sanitary pads supplier globally, Shuya boasts a sanitary napkin factory with a production capacity of 680 million pieces annually. Spanning 45,000 square meters and equipped with over 20 production lines, the factory ensures efficient production and timely delivery of large-scale orders. This enables businesses to meet demand while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.

Efficient Lead Times and Free Samples

Valuing prompt delivery and informed decision-making, Shuya offers a lead time of 35-50 days for large-scale orders. This ensures timely delivery of customized sanitary pads. Additionally, free samples allow businesses to experience the superior quality of Shuya’s products firsthand, facilitating confident decision-making and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Elevate your business as a bulk sanitary pads supplier and sanitary pads wholesale supplier with Shuya’s customizable solutions. With tailored OEM/ODM options, unmatched manufacturing capacity, efficient lead times, and free samples, Shuya empowers businesses to meet customer demands and surpass expectations. Contact Shuya today to explore how their solutions can elevate your brand and position you as a leader in the competitive sanitary pads wholesale market.

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