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DNL’s JK70-RT250Z Heavy-Duty Trailer Stand Wheel Will Increase Stability and Durability

For stability and longevity in a big trailer or caravan, DNL’s JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel is the best option. Trailer fans are raving about this amazing heavy-duty trailer jack wheel that DNL, a top manufacturer in the business, introduced. This jockey wheel’s outstanding load capacity and sturdy characteristics make it built to survive heavy use. Let’s explore the exceptional features of the JK70-RT250Z and learn why trailer owners have come to love it.

Secure and Convenient Pedal Locking Mechanism

DNL’s heavy-duty trailer jack wheels feature a secure and convenient pedal locking mechanism. This mechanism allows for easy and secure locking of the wheel in place, providing stability during loading and unloading operations. With the pedal locking feature, you can trust that your trailer will remain securely positioned, preventing any accidental movements.

Foldable Crank That Saves Space

In addition to its robust features, the JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty trailer stand wheel incorporates a space-saving foldable crank. This ingenious design not only enhances firmness but also minimizes the space required when the wheel is in the retracting state. The foldable crank operates silently without any clicking noises, providing a seamless user experience. With this innovative feature, you can easily retract and store the wheel when not in use, optimizing space efficiency.


In order to improve the stability and longevity of your trailer, the DNL JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty trailer stand wheel is an excellent option. It provides outstanding performance and convenience with its impressive 500 kg load capacity, high corrosion resistance due to hot dip galvanization, and space-saving foldable crank. DNL has established itself as a reputable brand in the sector by consistently providing inventive and dependable solutions. Experience the impact that the JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty trailer stand wheel can make for your trailer by making an investment in one.

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