Commonly Seen Life-Saver: AED Made by Mindray

Have you seen an AED device in a public place, usually in a red box? At first, glance, although it looks like firefighting equipment, AED devices are now required in all major public places for the installation of essential equipment for first aid. Have you ever noticed this equipment? Mindray, an advanced AED company, would like to introduce the use of AEDs.

In the past, the most common thing we have heard is CPR, but AEDs are still very new to us.

What exactly is an AED? Why do we use AEDs?

“An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a device that automatically detects the heart rhythm and pulse and uses electric shock to restore the patient’s heart to normal.

In the past, the implementation of CPR is to maintain blood circulation using external pressure on the heart, so that oxygen is sufficient to supply to the vital organs to avoid when the heart stops beating, the brain will be damaged by lack of oxygen after four minutes, and then lack of oxygen for too long will cause brain death. In recent years, however, studies have pointed to the importance of defibrillation.

If CPR and an AED are used in the first instance, the survival rate of a patient who is seen in a public place outside of a hospital can be increased by a factor of two when compared to CPR alone.

In other words, immediate defibrillation allows the heart to resume beating on its own sooner, increasing the patient’s survival rate by nearly a factor of one. Mindray‘s AEDs are stable and easy to use, making them the first choice for public emergency equipment.

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