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Experience Ultimate Comfort: The Toilet with Built-in Bidet

Innovative, practical, and luxurious – that’s what defines the Horow T16, the pinnacle of bathroom technology. Say goodbye to traditional toilet paper and welcome the future of personal hygiene with this state-of-the-art toilet with built-in bidet. Let’s delve into what makes the Horow T16 the ultimate choice for upgrading your bathroom experience.

Advanced Bidet Technology for Superior Cleanliness

Gone are the days of relying solely on toilet paper for cleanliness. With the Horow T16, you can enjoy the refreshing cleanse of a bidet without the hassle of additional fixtures. Its integrated bidet system offers precise and adjustable water pressure for a thorough cleanse, ensuring you feel fresh and hygienic after every use.

Tankless Design for Efficiency and Convenience

Unlike traditional bidet systems that require a separate water tank, the Horow T16 features a tankless design, eliminating the need for bulky reservoirs and saving valuable bathroom space. This sleek and compact design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom but also ensures instant access to warm water whenever you need it.

Customized Comfort with Adjustable Features

Experience personalized comfort like never before with the customizable features of the Horow T16. Adjust the temperature of the heated seat to your liking, ensuring maximum comfort during those chilly mornings or late-night visits. With instant hot water technology, you can enjoy a warm and soothing cleanse at the touch of a button, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience.


Upgrade your bathroom to the next level of luxury and convenience with the Horow T16 – the ultimate toilet with a built-in bidet. Say goodbye to traditional toilet paper and hello to a new standard of cleanliness and comfort. With its advanced features, including a tankless design, instant hot water technology, and customizable settings, the Horow T16 offers a truly transformative experience that you’ll appreciate every day. Say hello to a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom experience with the Horow T16.

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